Helping businesses and organizations grow through learning

We are instructional designers, corporate trainers, developers, and entrepreneurs that have a passion for solving training problems with practical solutions. We recognize that learning is a necessity in any job role and should be as simple and accessible as possible. We believe an investment in education should be a low-risk decision that makes every team stronger, more resilient and better able to handle future challenges. Our focus is on keeping up with the latest innovations in eLearning, understanding our clients, producing immediate results and simplifying long-term management.

Surrey Central, BC, Canada


Our mission is to apply research-based, custom designed training solutions at organizations that enable growth through learning


The co-founders of Fabric LMS met after completing the same Masters of Education program at Simon Fraser University in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

After years of education, academic research, designing training curriculums, delivering training, building and implementing training technology for businesses, co-founders Ken MacAllister and Seth Tee had yet to find their "Dream LMS." They went on to research 815 LMS, before determining over lunch in a White Spot restaurant, that there was a need in the LMS market that was not met and they believed that with their experience and expertise they could build an LMS with the features that were most useful to the numerous businesses they had consulted for.

What they did not know at that time, was that the restaurant chain they were dining in would become a happy client of theirs years later. Fast forward to present day and the team at Fabric LMS combines a diverse set of backgrounds in education, research, training, technology and business to service over 500 companies across North America with Fabric LMS. We draw from industry experiences, academic study, and the day-to-day operations of leading businesses and organizations to provide an LMS that is tailor-made to each and every clients needs.