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From restaurant staff, hospitality and retail to every industry and different departments. Fabric LMS makes it easy to organize and share learning courses with your team members, all from a single platform.

Forget setting up for weeks! With Fabric LMS, you can upload your existing content and create new training courses immediately. Your team will have access to everything they need right away.

Whether you’re onboarding new hires, training seasonal employees or checking off yearly compliance, say goodbye to manual work! Automate processes with Fabric LMS! Assign and remove courses, set expiration dates, arrange course sequencing and more.

See who has completed the assigned courses in just a glance or get a more in-depth information with detailed reports. Whatever you need to know, all it takes is a few clicks. Check off training requirements and ensure your staff does the best they can.

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Problems you'll be able to solve with Fabric LMS

Problem: Training and onboarding new employees involves too many steps and too many people with the end result feeling neither smooth nor professional.

Solution: Design a sleek and comprehensive training process with Fabric LMS for every role in your organization that includes just the pieces you need and nothing you don’t.

Problem: Repetitive training admin tasks become a full-time job for some, while others have to wait for even basic steps to complete.

Solution: Split up your work optimally across roles, departments or locations then implement custom dashboards and tools that make each job a breeze.

Problem: Lack of structured skill development and career pathing opportunities make it difficult to retain top talent who are always looking to grow.

Solution: Connect your courses into a career development ecosystem that allows every team member to picture their long-term career with your company.

Problem: Business-critical workflows such as over-the-shoulder training or workshops that don’t fit the traditional LMS paradigm are left unrecorded and unoptimized (ignored).

Solution: Synergize your online/offline training practices with your LMS using integrations, checklists and more to ensure a central storehouse for all your training data.

Problem: Unengaging and passive eLearning content leaves you wondering if your team truly know what they need to know.

Solution: Deploy fresh and engaging eLearning from a single web-based interface that gets the job done and looks great on any device.

Problem: Missing insight into organizational knowledge slows down your decision making and holds up your business’ ability to change.

Solution: Create automated reports and dashboards with the latest data you need to see where you are and where you want to go.


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