Train a team of superstars

Here's how others did it

Boston Pizza

When Boston Pizza started working with us, they had 22,000 employees across the country who needed to be trained in French and English, an expensive SharePoint-based system that was so disliked, only 20% of the company was even using it, and training videos were costing far too much and taking far too long to produce.

We built a multilingual, custom learning management system for Boston Pizza using free, open-source software that eliminated the need for expensive enterprise solutions, saving over a million a year in license fees. The new system is successfully used by 100% of employees and supports targeted surveys and crowd-sourcing. We enabled in-house video production capabilities so that Boston Pizza can now produce and publish their own videos internally in a single day for a fraction the price.

Modu-Loc Fence Rentals

Modu-Loc has a strong company culture and a rich history, but rapid growth across the country made it challenging to ensure everyone was trained with the same core values coast to coast. They also have an ever-growing seasonal workforce, so ensuring that everyone is properly trained and safety certified was becoming more difficult, particularly when some clients have their own additional safety training requirements. When Modu-Loc came to us, they had no training materials, no learning systems in place and no staff to create materials.

Working with the CEO and company founder, we shot and produced videos about the company history and values, as well as ‘day in the life’ video for new employee orientations – all in French and English. Fabric now manages all company training and certification, including WHMIS, OHSA, Forklift certification, and specialized certifications for working around high-voltages and in petrochemical plants. Fabric can also be used to report on projects in the field and generate digital newsletters.

3rd Level Consulting

3rd Level Consulting is the world leader in consulting for the children’s activity space: gymnastics, swimming, dance, cheerleading, etc. 3rd Level offers management services, valuations, risk assessment, training, and a massive library of templates that cover every aspect of the business – from HR to marketing to financing and more. Unfortunately, clients had trouble finding specific resources, there were no online versions, and no way to create online resources.

We migrated thousands of documents, templates, and other resources into an online library with powerful search functions and instant filtering, and moved all courses online, with the ability for any 3rd Level client to build their own materials in a private, branded space. We worked with designers to build the SmartEDGE Dashboard to index every aspect of the company’s services in a single at-a-glance resource. Fabric now manages all training and documentation libraries for hundreds of clients around the world.

US Swim School Association

The USSSA is the primary body that establishes standards, provides training, and certification for swim schools and swim instructors in the United States, and for international members around the globe. Their challenge was that they wanted to serve their nearly 500 member schools with better online courses, automate certification, manage conferences, and allow members to manage their employee certifications within a branded space. Their existing LMS didn’t have any employee tracking, and members found it difficult to use.

We migrated all of their courses from existing sources to an easy to use learning plan, helped guide the editing and updating of all materials, added certification tracking, linked every location from every member school to an online Google Maps search tool, launched a powerful new conference registration system, and every member now has their own branded space. Fabric now powers all training, event management, and certification for the association.


When we started working with Article, they had no structured training programs in place, no training department, and no formal courses available. The company was more than doubling in size annually, and needed help managing that growth. Thousands of reference documents and presentations were scattered across hundreds of Google Drive accounts, along with hundreds of announcements and none of it was universally searchable.

Cogcentric Labs set up P.article Learning using the Fabric Learning System and integrated the learning system with Gsuite for single sign-on and synch of employee data. All training-related reference documents and presentations were migrated into the learning system where they could be easily searched and managed in one place. Subject matter experts in every department were trained on building learning content and assessments and a catalogue of courses was added to provide structured training for all employees. The company can now manage its growth more efficiently and continues to thrive.

Lift in 15

Lift has an award-winning approach to strength training and bodybuilding that maximizes results for a minimal time invested. They needed to keep track of every workout for every client, including the settings on every machine they used. Trainers needed to quickly and easily reference charts of past performance to set goals for each workout, and it had to be easy to use on an iPad in a busy gym environment.

Using Fabric, we crafted a tablet-friendly solution that manages gym memberships, schedules sessions and detects booking overlaps. During client workouts, Fabric allows trainers to quickly and easily log the machine settings for every client workout, and track the progress every client is making.

Swim Consultant

The company had produced hundreds of training videos and posted them on an LMS that was very difficult to use, assessments didn’t work, and all of their training materials were set up as downloadable PDF files anyone could access with a link. Clients were complaining that nothing worked, and they had to way to manage learning content over time.

We transformed all course materials into well-organized programs schools can use to hire and train their staff, and track all external certifications. Every course also exists as a template schools can take and modify with their own branding, videos, and terminology.

LEAP! Learning

LEAP! is a collective of children’s activity educators in gymnastics, swimming, trampoline, dance, martial arts, and cheerleading. They have thousands of videos that were accessible online, but needed to be converted into lessons for instructors that took into account every skill, and every piece of equipment involved, then organized these lessons into skills, progressions, and certifiable activities.

Working with subject matter experts in every sport, we set up sport-specific templates, imported all videos and data, set up assessments and implemented a custom interface design for optimal content search. LEAP! is now the world’s largest and most in-depth video training system in the industry.

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils

The BC Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) represents the parents of 565,000 children attending public schools in the province of BC. The small staff of this non-profit found themselves overwhelmed by trying to manage memberships, registrations, educational awards, conferences and other events. Much of day-to-day operations was paper-based, involving a lot of mail and phone calls. Complicating matters further was the fact that board members change every 2 years, so incoming members were constantly having to learn how to take over from their predecessors.

Cogcentric Labs created a custom online software solution that now manages registrations, memberships, educational awards, conferences and other events. It also manages forms, such as transportation subsidies that were previously paper based. The new system keeps track of the status and voting rights of every member, council, and district—integrating with PayPal for easy online payments. The board can now get up-to-the-minute reporting, and send out announcements through an integration with MailChimp. Cogcentric Labs also created a public-facing site that displays feeds from BCCPAC social media accounts to create a central hub for members.